On the 9th of May 2016, Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) presented The Temple of God Parish with the Environmental Excellence Award, in recognition of our outstanding compliance with noise regulations and standard in Lagos State. Praise the Lord.
We now have a Sanitation Department in TOG. The Sanitation Department is responsible for keeping our church healthy, safe and clean. The department meets on Saturday at 8am to clean the church premises. Interested members and volunteers are welcome. As you keep the house of God clean, God will beautify your own life and family.

It’s time for our singles to mingle. Singles from 21 years to 30 years, are warmly invited to this special occasion which comes up on Saturday June 18th at 5pm in church. There will be lots to eat and drink. Seasoned and anointed marriage counselors and speakers will be at this event. Come and receive timely relationships tips from Rev. Paul Olasore and Pastor (Mrs.) Akinyo.

A special reception for new members and new guests that have attended our parish from inception to date comes up on Sunday June 26th 2016 at 12 noon. It’s a time to meet with the leadership of the church and get to know more about our parish. It promises to be a time of fun and warm fellowship. To register for this event, kindly put down your name and number at the Welcome Desk or with Sis. Tola Omotoye in the Church Office.

Prayer Points for June
• O Lord thank You for Your love and goodness. Thank You for bringing me into the sixth month of the year. Receive my praise O Lord.
• Holy Spirit, in any way I have grieved You, please forgive me.
• Father, let the wind of the Holy Spirit blow on me, my family, church and nation and uproot every tree my Heavenly Father has not planted.
• Wind of the Holy Spirit, scatter every satanic agenda for our nation.
• Father, let the fire of the Holy Spirit surround me, my family and loved ones everywhere we go. Let Your fire of protection shield us from every evil arrow.
• O Lord, this month anoint my head with the fresh oil of the Holy Spirit. Let my head never lack fresh oil and inspiration.
• Father, let Your Living Water of the Holy Spirit flow all over my life and heal every area of my life and wash away every sickness from my body.
• In the name of Jesus, let every gift and potential the Holy Spirit has put in me that has been dormant receive life.
• Holy Spirit, guide me aright this month. Keep me from error. Whether I turn to the left or to the right, let me hear your voice clearly telling me this is the way, walk in it.
• Holy Spirit, teach me something new this month. Give me a new revelation that will radically transform my life and thinking.
• Father, fill me with the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Let the fruit of joy, patience, goodness, peace, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness and self-control manifest in my life so people will see Christ in me.
• Holy Spirit, take over my infirmities in prayer and help me to pray mountain moving prayers. Let my prayers be Spirit led and right on target. Use my prayer life to tear down, destroy and overthrow every Satanic planting in my life, family, church and nation. O Lord anoint my prayer life and use my prayers to establish Your divine counsel and plan.
• Holy Spirit, fill me to overflowing and make me a channel of blessing.
• Holy Spirit, as You are one with the Father and the Son, release the power of unity into my home and church. Terminate every division and seed of disunity the devil has brought into my family and church.
• Holy Spirit, You are the spirit of excellence. Fill me with the Spirit of Excellence, make me stand out this year and be highly sought after. Fill all our children with the spirit of excellence. I declare and decree that there shall be no failure in our midst in Jesus mighty name.
• Holy Spirit, give me extra oil; extra grace to go the extra mile this month and recover lost grounds and do fresh exploits for the Kingdom of God.
• Holy Spirit, Spirit of Holiness sanctify my whole spirit, soul and body. Help me to be totally consecrated to the Lord. Make me daily live for God’s glory and prepare me to meet my Lord in glory. Let me never be a cast away in Jesus mighty name I pray. AMEN!